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Senin, 16 April 2012

Cara Connect Wi-Fi menggunakan DeSmuME

First Download the ''Wi-Fi'' Folder

This is the Wi-Fi folder that contains the 9.7 version of desmume with Wi-Fi.
This version can save the settings so that you won't have to do the last 2 steps each time you restart the emulator : http://www.mediafire.com/?ujjy243gj29kln7

Download link (9.6) [Doesn't work] : http://www.mediafire.com/?sml7d8c274quuyr

Instructions :

Before doing anything you should move your roms, saves (and settings if you use 9.6) in the file i give you so you won't have to start new games. (In 9.7 you should go to path settings and set the Wi-Fi folder to all of them)

1. Install winpcap
2. Open desmume and go to config wifi settings.
3. Change to infrastructure and use your network card that your computer uses for internet, you MUST disable all your fake ip and leave one main router only, like closing hamachi.
4. Go to config emulation settings.
5. Check the box "Use external BIOS images".
6. Put biosnds9.bin that is in the Wi-Fi folderI give you in "ARM9 BIOS image".
7. Put biosnds7.bin that is in the Wi-Fi folder I give you in "ARM7 BIOS image".
8. Check the box "Use external firmware images".
9. Put the firmware.bin in "Firmware image"
10. Check the box "Boot from firmware (like the NDS)".
11. Go to "Nintendo Wi-Fi connection settings" or Nintendo WFC setup" with any game with wifi support.
12. Test wi-fi to make sure u see SoftAP on Connection 1 by using "Search for an Access Point".
It might not conect the first time. If it doesn't try again.
Remember that you must do 11. and 12. each time you restart the emulator. (only in 9.6)

 1. install winpcap
2. Buka DeSmuME dan masuk ke setting wifi config.
3. Ubah ke infrastruktur dan menggunakan kartu jaringan Anda bahwa komputer Anda menggunakan untuk internet, Anda HARUS menonaktifkan semua ip palsu dan meninggalkan satu router utama saja, seperti menutup hamachi.
4. Pergi ke pengaturan emulasi config.
5. Centang kotak "Gunakan gambar eksternal BIOS".
6. Masukan biosnds9.bin yang ada di Wi-Fi folderI memberikan dalam "gambar BIOS ARM9".
7. Masukan biosnds7.bin yang ada di folder Wi-Fi saya berikan di "gambar BIOS ARM7".
8. Centang kotak "Gunakan gambar firmware eksternal".
9. Masukan firmware.bin dalam "gambar Firmware"
10. Centang kotak "Boot dari firmware (seperti NDS)".
11. Klik "Wi-Fi koneksi Nintendo" atau Nintendo WFC Setup "dengan permainan dengan dukungan wifi.
12. Uji wi-fi untuk memastikan u lihat SoftAP pada Connection 1 dengan menggunakan "Mencari sebuah Access Point".
Ini mungkin tidak conect pertama kalinya. Jika tidak coba lagi.
Ingat bahwa Anda harus melakukan 11. dan 12. setiap kali Anda me-restart emulator. (hanya di 9.6)

 Credits go to ahackerjack http://www.youtube.com/user/ahackerjack
and to brianuuu http://www.youtube.com/user/brianuuu
Also credits go to Warlord3085 http://www.youtube.com/user/Warlord3085 for telling me about this.

Error code 20104 (9.7) : The reason that errorcode 20104 shows up is because of the fact that sometimes DeSmuME can't get a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID. This file contains the settings I have on my firmware in which I managed to get a Wi-Fi connection ID. Keep in mind that this file will be completely useless if your DeSmuME can't save the firmware settings which unfortunately happens in most of Windows 7 computers. Try pressing CTRL+R to reset the emulator and it might fix the problem or try other versions of DeSmuME (9.7 versions). Other versions can be found at forum.romulation.net/index.php?topic=54397.0
So just download this file and put it in the Wi-Fi folder replacing yours : http://www.mediafire.com/?lop77muoq6ra45q

You need to have a Wired connection or else you will get errocode 52000

If you have a wired connection and still get Errorcode 52000 then you need to Disable Extra Networks and Firewall.

Windows7/vista users must go to network and sharing center and make sure that their connection type is set to HOME network and NOT PUBLIC OR WORK

If you can't save: Go to Path Settings and set your own paths for cheats saves etc.

Windows 7/Vista : You need to run DesmuME as an administrator.

Kalo Mau lihat videonya KLik Disini

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